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Currently an alum of West Chester University, JaQuay began singing at the age of 9. Starting out in her neighborhood's gospel choir, she moved on to school choirs; performing any opportunity she got. She wouldn't have to wait long as she would join The Chester Children's Chorus where she would begin to learn how to play the piano and read music. Her senior year of high school she joined The Silvertones where she received an opportunity to tour Italy. Throughout high school, JaQuay also maintained a music career. She signed a distribution deal with Def Jam and created two EPs entitled 

Fearless and Under My Skin.

It was also in her senior year of High School that she found a passion for theater. She auditioned for a role in a Philadelphia production entitled "The Gate Called Straight," where she worked under the direction of singer Stephanie Mills & Grammy nominated Bill Jolly. 

Jaquay graduated from WCU where she received her B.A. in Theater with a concentration in Musical Theater. Her most recent work is an EP entitled "Vertigo." Currently, she is working on a piece of work that is truly special to her that she believes her supporters will enjoy!

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